CPG: Agile Transformation

Transitioning 27 manufacturing sister companies, entities and platforms from 27-individual tailored and homegrwown legancy IT-Infrastrcutures, towards one unified ERP-System (SAP S/4HANA) is one the most challanging endevours we from Crewcraft had the chance to contribute too. There are regulated meat creation processes, there is chocolate manufacturing and the roasting of beans in combination with production of coffee capsule. There are, dairy production process and the crafting of cheese and Shushi. Even nonfood and personal care products production is part of the companies. And furthermore, there are local Swiss and international regulations and requirements and sustainable value chains to be taken into consideration.

Crewcraft’s SAFe certified SPCs and consultants and coaches, defined the framework of the multimillion CHF project. In the lead and together with the various partners we management and guided and enabled the customers organization towards self-driven and independent capability to implement the SAFe Framework – and to execute agile projects successfully.