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Within early stage thinking Crewcraft’s Agile Advisors are helping our clients to examine their existing organizations and support their transformation to a scaled agile delivery model. We also advise executives and management on change processes for IT and business leaders. Crewcraft supports the entire end-to-end lifecycle, from idea, to roll-out, to optimization.

We advise and coach by developing a vision and release roadmap, assisting with change management for IT and business leaders and defining corresponding milestones. We provide, evaluate and support implementation of many established training packages and work and/or software tools.


Crewcraft’s Agile Assessments focus on whether a project, product or even an organization is suitable for agile. Through a clearly defined set of evaluation criteria, our experts assess the maturity level and give recommendations on improvement possibilities as well as ideas for optimization. We perform the assessments with tools and models that have been refined through the years, such as the Agile Diagnostics Tool, the Cultural Assessment Tool and the Agile Capability Model.


Understanding and learning new concepts starts with effective and appropriate training. We offer various training courses on different agile topics for entire project teams as well as for managers and agile coaches. There are also specialized courses for various agile roles such as Product Owner, Scrum Master, Agile Requirements Engineers and others. Our trainers offer more than 20 diverse and interactive trainings on topics for the whole agile lifecycle.


Agile transformation no longer means only the introduction of agile techniques and methods at the team level, but above all also the smooth integration of agile business areas into the overall enterprise. Crewcraft Agile Coaches are providing support on the entire range of agility – from Design Thinking through SAFe, Scrum and Kanban to DevOps and Lean StartUp – and can tailor these methods to specific company requirements. We help our customers establish their own agile coaches and create a deep understanding of agility in the entire management – a key to agile success. The necessary changes are firmly anchored in corporate culture.

Our Principles – The Way We Work

Holistic Agile

Enterprise Agile

Pragmatic Agile

Industrialized Agile

Agile as end-to-end flow from “Concept to Cash”

Scaled agile across all levels of the organization, from team to portfolio

Use of agile with clear benefit and orientation on day-to-day practice

Interaction-oriented and light-weight agile with focus on quality and scalability